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Permanent makeup will add balance to your face and the self-confidence that comes with it. I like to improve your appearance by working with colours and designs to blend naturally with your skin tone. Whether it is your eyes, lips, or complimenting your hair, your best features will be prominent.  You can enjoy the look you want which will truly change your face and skin, and change your daily life for the better, never having to worry about your makeup smearing or rubbing off.

During your initial consultation, I will meet with you to discuss exactly what you hope to achieve, and I will offer my expert opinions to ensure you are delighted with the outcome.  

After you express your personal desires, I will apply topical makeup to show you what to expect.   In most instances, women choose to have their procedures done immediately. However, if you prefer to take some time to make your final decision, you are free to do so.

I will apply permanent makeup in individual steps, or full-face applications depending upon your personal preference.  It will give you immediate satisfaction in your overall youthful and natural-looking appearance


Permanent eyeliner is a perfect solution for anyone with thin, sparse or no lashes. This is also a great answer for those who end up with smudges around their eyes at the end of the day. Permanent eyeliner is applied to the upper lid and defines the eye and gives it a more pronounced and open look. This is also ideal for people who have difficulty keeping hands steady enough to apply eyeliner daily. There is little to no down-time following the application of permanent eyeliner. No wonder it is incredibly popular and the most sought-after enhancement. Various options include Natural eyeliner, French eyeliner, Thick Designer eyeliner & Mucosal eyeliner.


Do you want luscious, plump lips? Permanent lip colour will make your lips look fuller without the pain or cost of collagen injections. Permanent lip liner helps define the shape of your lip and keeps them looking flirty without any extra effort. Permanent lip colour also benefits people with pale or unevenly shaped lips. Many colours are available.


Anyone with thin or patchy eyebrows may choose to get semi-permanent eyebrows with MICROBLADING to correct the unevenness of her eyebrows. Now you can have full, very natural looking eyebrows without any work on your part. Semi-permanent eyebrows can also help with defining a beautiful, natural-looking arch without the plucking or waxing to achieve this.



You want to look natural and put together even when you wake up, relax on holidays or exercise.

So why Microblading? 
You are tired of filling up your eyebrows with a pencil every day. 
The final look is adapted to your hair colour, skin tone and the direction of your eyebrow hair growth. Y our face will look more youthful and brighter while you will be more confident.
Every hair on the missing part of your eyebrow is drawn individually, which makes the eyebrows look as natural as possible.


How long does it last?
The durability of the pigment depends mostly on the skin type and life style (exposure to sun, cosmetic procedures, etc.)  The results of microblading can last from 1 to 3 years
About a month after the procedure, the client comes in for a check-up and a touch-up (included in the price) 
Additional touch-up once a year is recommended to retain the saturation of pigment.

The procedure and safety
First we consult with the client about their wishes and evaluate the condition of eyebrows.
Then some initial drawings are made and corrected until the client is fully satisfied with the results. Symmetry of the eyebrows is checked. Colour of the pigment is chosen so that it is matched to your hair colour and skin tone. The procedure takes about 1 to 2 hours.  Strict hygiene standards is priority.


Before microblading


After microblading




George - Mossel Bay 
Garden Route
Western Cape
South Africa

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Mainly Mossel Bay to George covered.
Also do procedures in Wilderness, Sedgefield and Knysna if arranged in advance.


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